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Now you can have New Mexico Green Chili sauce delivered right to your front door! Can you smell the green chili chicken enchiladas yet? No muss, no fuss authentic New Mexico Green Chili. Let us do the cooking, you enjoy the genuine hatch green chili flavors! Comes in Hot, Medium, and Mild.

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Every August in New Mexico, the smell of freshly roasted Hatch Green Chili fills the air. Green Chili roasters place themselves at nearly every street corner and every supermarket, freshly roasting their delicious chili. Families buy this chili in bulk and store it for use in their recipes all throughout the year. Made from the finest New Mexico Hatch Green Chili, our New Mexico Chili – Just Add Water! Is ready for you in just five minutes and brings the romance of our roasted green chili right to your kitchen table. Need recipes? Download our recipe book in PDF today to experience some of the recipes we’ve made easy for you to recreate, from our kitchen to yours!

Flavors Unique to New Mexico – You Won’t Find This Flavor Anywhere Else!

New Mexico cuisine has many characteristics unique to its region. New Mexico cuisine combines specific elements of Spanish, Mexican, Pueblo Native American, Mediterranean, and Cowboy Chuck-wagon influence. “Red or Green?” is the official question asked at nearly all New Mexican Restaurants, New Mexico Chili – specifically green chili – is the states’ largest crop. “Red or Green?” is estimated by some to be spoken anywhere from 175,000 to 200,000 times a day within the State of New Mexico. The question refers to the color of chile you want on your food. (If you can’t decide, say “Christmas” and you’ll get both red and green on the same plate.)

Green Chili, besides being delicious, has many health benefits and is used in folk medicine throughout the southwest. It is full of calcium, iron, and vitamins C and A. It is often used as a headache remedy and is so loved that people use ristras – tied-together bunches of chilis – to decorate their homes and porches.

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HOT, Medium, Mild


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