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Have a taste of this classic New Mexico Red Chili – in a box! Comes in Hot, Medium, or Mild. The flavor of our New Mexico home, each box of Red Chili Powder has been tested in our own kitchens to ensure that authentic Red Chili flavor is guaranteed in every bite.

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Red Chile : Superfood.   Red Chile and Green Chile are the same plant, but Red Chile is picked later in the season by trained chili pickers after they ripen to their gorgeous flaming red color.


People sometimes wonder why New Mexico puts so much pride in their special red chile. Southwestern Chiles have a long history among the region, and are relatively new (“new” meaning within the past several hundred years) to the area. When Christopher Columbus wandered to the Caribbean Islands (that time he was lost and thought they were the West Indies), he first came across a mini-version of this wonderful food given to him by the islanders. Monks cultivated the plant as a curiosity, studying its medicinal properties. However, it wasn’t until the turn of the century that horticulturalist Fabian Garcia spent nearly 15 years cultivating this wonderful plant so that may weather droughts, disease, and present with uniform size, shape, and heat characteristics. In 1921 Fabian Garcia, the father of New Mexico’s $400 Million Chile industry presented his strong and perfect “New Mexico No. 9” Red Chile plant.

Fact: The California Aneheim Chile is just a transplanted New Mexico Chile that has lost much of its heat.

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Why it’s a Superfood

Capsaicin =

It relieves depression, and elevates your mood, while being addictive – in a good way! – in the same way the endorphins that are produced when exercising make exercise addictive. It also is known as a natural pain reliever and traditionally used to treat headaches, arthritis pain, neurological pain (including autoimmune diseases like lupus and fibromyalgia, and shingles pain).

Scoville Heat Units (peep out Hatch Chiles from Hatch NM, not to mention some of the other New Mexican Varieties!)

New Mexico Chiles has been shown to have a Scoville Heat Unit Range of anywhere from 500 – 10,000!

Source: Wikipedia 

The antioxidants are found in Capsaicin have been shown to fight cancer and boost the production of collagen.

For more information on the nutritional content of New Mexico Chilis, visit this Chile Pepper Institute Link 

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