NM Chili Just Add Water T Shirt

NM Chili TShirt


Red or Green?! Let every one know with our NM Chili – Just Add Water! T-Shirt, sporting our world-famous Chile Logo and our great state with a bold Zia proclaiming, “I love New Mexico Chili!” A great conversation starter, and something that will make you look super cool at any Chile or Chili festival around the country – this proves you’re truly in the know about New Mexico Chili. And lucky you, gastronome*, – it only takes you 5 minutes to make at home!


noun gas·tro·nome \ˈgas-trə-ˌnōm\

definition :  a lover of good food; especially :  one with a serious interest in gastronomy

example : Gastronomes everywhere pilgramage to New Mexico to savor the taste of their very own haute cuisine.

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New Mexico Chili – Just Add Water! Stands behind its family and community. This is why you’ll see us at many local events! This year, in 2015 you’ll be seeing us at booth #***** at the 27th annual National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show. That’s because we’re one of the best known and loved Chilis around here! Our flavorful and versatile lineup of products can stand alone as their own recipe, or be a wonderful addition to your own creative recipes!  ‘Chiliheads’ come from all over the world to taste some of the finest Chili in the world, right here in New Mexico!

And Now We Have the T-Shirt

Weren’t around for our latest event? That’s ok! There’ll be more, and you can show your support for us with this awesome T-Shirt you can add to your collection! A for-sure conversation starter, you can wear this shirt with pride and share your culinary genius anytime delicious New Mexico Chili comes up as a topic of conversation.

But Be Careful!

The flip-side of wearing this shirt around town and to different culinary events is that not only will your friends and family know where to find some of your best secret ingredients for some of your best recipes… (Your Renowned Fish Tacos, perhaps?) they’ll also be calling you up for how-tos and best practice for preparing your awesome dishes! Don’t worry, though. You can share our awesome New Mexico Family Recipes E-Book, provided by us at no cost to you! (Read: Free!)

But if safeguarding your special recipes is a priorty, let’s just say, “Hey, we warned you!”

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