NM Red Chili Pod Sauce

Red Chili Pod Sauce


This chili pod only comes in Hot. It’s perfect for carne adovada.

Simple 2 step: Boil and blend this chili. It is simply delicious! Directions are on
the back of the box.


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Product Description

So you like your RED Sauce HOT?!

This Chili is the real deal! Made of our hottest peppers, this Red Chili Pod Sauce red sauce comes in just one variety HOT! This stuff gets pretty addicting after awhile. Some of us are raised on the fiery goodness that is hot, burning Red New Mexico Chili, and we made this chili with true New Mexicans in mind. The heat level is unparalleled and the flavor is unrivaled. Anyone who enjoys spicy and deliciously crafted foods will enjoy our chili very much.

The versatility of our chili is truly amazing. It tastes great on a huge variety of foods including (put the foods listed here). The Siracha sauce will be a thing of the past once our chili is brought into your home.

Our Red Chili Pod Sauce Isn’t your Siracha!

We think it’s far better! And with the same type of versatility, this New Mexico True red sauce will wind up on your scrambled eggs, hot dogs, Huevos Rancheros, sandwiches, stir-fry’s, papas, you name it! And your poor bottle of Siracha will be looking on sadly, pushed to the back of your refrigerator shelf. Lucky you for finding such a fantastic find!

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